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Lori Cooper Coaching

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About Me

Hi.  I'm Lori.   
I love to do yoga, hang with friends and spend times with my kids.  I have always felt really feel good when I am helping other people, and then I found IPEC, and realized I could use my strengths and the experience of my divorce to help women in their lives, as a life/transition coach.  Your  issue may be divorce or any other life transition that is occurring.  I am here to work with you to move through it in the most positive way possible.  Life has become so busy and hurried that when challenges arise, they often paralyze us.  We will work together to raise your awareness, find your most authentic self and get you from Point A to Point B.

I got divorced in December of 2014.  It was a long journey for me.  I had thought about divorce for a long time!!  My ex and I had been to a number of marriage counselors, I attempted to get divorced once and then "unfiled" papers because I was riddled with too much fear...I had so many questions and doubts!!!  Some of my thought were as follows:  
My kids were young, where would we live?  
How would we live?  
 How would I tell him?  
Would I have to work again??  
The questions I had were endless, but that was my fear talking, for me the timing also just wasn't quite right.

Years later, when the time was finally right, I told him I wanted a divorce, I moved into my current home, my kids are doing fine, no, they are doing great, and I am living with the PEACE, FREEDOM, and SERENITY that I had longed for and knew I would achieve when I had become consciously aware.  I am here to help you achieve this in your life.  Let me help you get there.  Please email or call today.